Air Mattress Size Guide And How To Choose The Right Air Mattress

Navigating the market to find the perfect air bed size can be overwhelming. With so many competing designs and manufacturers, it’s no wonder the search can feel confusing. Luckily, an air mattress size guide can help streamline your decision-making process.

Choosing The Right Air Mattress

Inflatable mattresses come in a range of styles to suit almost any sleeping need. Many people prefer sleeping on an air mattress because of their easily adjustable comfort levels, which is great for those suffering from neck and back pain.

air mattress size guide

Some air mattresses are low profile while others such as the double high are raised air mattresses. Still, other mattresses come with a stand or with legs. Inflating your air mattress is easy as most now come fitted with either an internal or an external electrical pump.

For Guests

A guest room, a smaller Twin or Queen size air mattress can be ideal for temporary usage. Their flexibility and compact design provide a comfortable night’s sleep rather than having to resort to a hard floor or uncomfortable sofa. An air mattress is long lasting and is easily packed away 

For Camping Or The Outdoors

Happily, air mattresses in the form of a camping or sleeping pad have taken the pain out of sleeping outdoors. A Twin size air mattress easily fits inside most tents and it packs neatly away in the morning in your car’s trunk or your backpack. 

For Hotel Rooms

While portability and easy storage are two of an air mattress’ most useful features, they are also a great alternative to a conventional sprung mattress bed. Although they tend to be more expensive than the smaller low-profile guest beds or sleeping pads, they also come in larger sizes such as California King, King and Queen size. Some air mattresses come with their own raised platform, or they can be sited on a purpose-built stand for additional durability.

For Everyday Use

Once the domain of a temporary sleeping solution, today’s air mattresses are perfect for everyday use. They come with sturdy frames elevating the mattress off the ground and even wide foam rails, which prevent you from slipping out of bed while you sleep at night.

Many air mattresses also come complete with a built-in electric pump. This takes the hassle of inflating your air mattress as they inflate much faster than a manual foot pump.

Similarly, the remote control option enables you to adjust your preferred comfort level. Choose between plush, medium or firm settings with a flick of a remote. 

Inflatable Beds For Your Car

Inflatable Beds For Your Car
Inflatable Beds For Your Car

If you have ever been forced to sleep in your car overnight you know just how uncomfortable that can be. If you’re planning an epic road trip and don’t want to pay for a hotel every night, there is an air mattress just right for your car. These inflatable beds are ideal for your SUV or minivan.

An inflatable car bed is a great way of solving your sleeping conundrum. They easily fit in the back of your car and come complete with custom stands or inflated feet that support the edges when fully inflated. 

Their snug fit maximizes your back seat surface space making them the perfect choice for a great night’s sleep.

Pumping Air Mattress

When you are looking to buy an air mattress, think about the context you are going to be using your inflatable mattress in. If your air mattress is going to become your everyday bed or perhaps a temporary solution for a guest bed, an air mattress featuring a built-in pump is probably the smart solution.

Moreover, an air mattress that features a built-in pump avoids the hassle of losing adapters or the actual pump itself. These are easier to use and inflates faster, as you simply plug the pump in, hit the switch and watch the pump do the work for you. Alternatively, an external air pump is just as easy to use and has the added benefit of usually being cheaper.

If you regularly enjoy camping in the outdoors far from an electrical supply, an air mattress with a manual pump is your smart option.

Air Mattress Size Guide

Air Mattress Size Guide

Here is our guide to the full size air mattress dimensions:

Twin size air mattress dimensions: 38″ x 74″. Suitable for solo sleepers with not a lot of available space

Twin XL size air mattress dimensions: 38″ x 80″. This double air mattress is suitable for solo sleepers looking for a little more space

Queen size air mattress dimensions: 60″ x 80″. These double air mattresses are suitable for couples

King size air mattress dimensions 76″ x 80″. These are a fabulous option for couples looking for a little more space

California King size air mattress dimensions: 72″ x 84″. This is the epitome of comfort with all the space you could ever need in an inflatable mattress 

Air mattress for kids: 12.5″ x 30″ x 7.9″. Great for kids’ bedrooms, sleepovers or camping trips.

Toddler Air mattress for crib: 13″ x 6″ x 1.5″. The perfect way to guarantee your little a wonderful night’s sleep

Car air mattress for backseat: 55″ x 35.5″ x 17.5″. A fabulous option for SUVs, campervans or minivans.

There is an air mattress out there to meet your every situation, whether you are looking for an everyday bedding option with a frame and internal pump, a temporary bed solution for a guest room or you’re looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep when you are camping. There is an inflatable mattress out there for everyone.

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