15 Health Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear 

We sleep – every day. But, are you getting the best benefit from your sleep? Sleeping without underwear is good for your health improving your sleep quality and assisting with other positive health changes that will carry over in to the day time. Read more to learn about health benefits of sleeping without underwear (bras and panties)!

Why sleep without underwear? You are less likely to get infections, will sleep more intimately with partners and can improve your health.

sleep without underwear

15 Health Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear 

1. Minimizing your risk for a Urinary tract infection uti:
Infections are caused by excess bacteria. Moist areas expedite the growth of bacteria resulting in increased infections. By allowing your genitals to have exposure to air during the evening, you minimize your risk for a UTI. Similarly, it is a great idea to change your underwear after working out, or getting very sweaty. Try sleeping without underwear and pajamas to reduce your likelihood of getting an infection.

2. Reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection:
Yeast infections are fairly common due to the high levels of moisture in the vaginal area. Sleeping without underwear or pajamas for 8 hours each night will dramatically decrease vaginal infections by increasing air circulation. This promotes overall health, reduces vaginal smell, and can increase your confidence.

3. Lessen any occurrences of bacterial vaginosis (BV):
Bacterial imbalance can lead to another infection, bacterial vaginosis bv. Again, air circulation while sleeping helps regulate bacteria in your genitals and reduces risks for this type of infection.

sleeping without underwear
sleeping without underwear

4. Improvement in Men s Health:
Men also benefit from sleeping without underwear. It improves their overall hygiene, has sexual benefits, and minimizes risks of infection. Again, increasing sleep quality will improve activity levels during the day, improving a man’s overall health.

5. Thrush:
Thrush is another type of vaginal area infection. Sleeping without underwear promotes circulation and air movement, drying the vaginal area and preventing this type of infection from occurring or spreading and can help in resolving an episode or outbreak more quickly.

6. Herpes:
Herpes can cause genital irritation. The open sores in the genital areas will benefit from not being covered or wrapped during sleep. Along with avoiding close fitting underwear during the day, wearing no underwear at night can shorten the time needed to heal. This, coupled with mediation, can have you feeling better sooner and back to your normal routine.

7. Pregnancy Benefits – Sleeping without underwear while pregnant:
When you are pregnant, your body is going through many changes. You may find yourself having trouble regulating temperature (hello hot flash!) and as a result, getting sweaty during sleep. Sleeping without underwear will help sweat dry and avoid infections (which can be hard to treat when pregnant). Additionally, your size is rapidly changing and sleep may be uncomfortable in some positions; avoiding underwear will ensure that you do not wake up because of ill fitting underwear or other clothing concerns. Sleep will promote your health and the baby’s health.

8. Staying healthy with better quality sleep:
Your overall health is tied closely to your sleep. Sleeping without underwear helps you regulate your temperature during sleep, avoids itching and ill fitting clothing, and promotes intimacy with partners. All of these items assist in higher quality sleep, which improves your overall health.

9. Improved sperm counts:
Men who struggle with low sperm count may find that not restricting their genitals during sleep increases the blood flow and sperm count. Additionally, higher temperatures can result in the production of sperm of a lower quality or health. Temperatures raise when there is underwear or pajamas restricting the genitals. Better sperm count and the health of the sperm increases, which results in increased intimacy and confidence, all supporting a healthier life.

10. Prevents breathing problems (bras)
A bra applies pressure in the diaphragm area. This tightens muscles and results in less deep breathing. Removing your bra at night promotes oxygen intake and the restoration of air to your body.

sleeping without underwear circulation

11. Increased circulation:
Wearing a bra all day applies pressure to a woman’s pectoral muscles. The pressure disrupts the blood circulation to that area. By removing your bra at night, you facilitate blood circulation back to this area helping with circulation and overall health. This can also be true if you are wearing tight fitting underwear or thongs that cut in to your hip area.

12. Promotes intimacy:
Sleeping skin to skin with your partner promotes physical and sexual intimacy. Without barriers between you and your partner, you are able to act quickly on impulses and meet your physical needs. Couple who sleep in the nude tend to be more intimate and studies have shown that nude sleepers claim to be more satisfied and happier in their relationship.

13. Prevents skin irritation/itchiness:
Tight or ill fitting clothing, sweat or moisture, and infections can all result in irritation and itchiness. Permitting your genitals to have access to air flow and loose material (sheets) in the evening will assist in reducing the symptoms of irritation or itchiness. Irritation is also frequent where bra straps latch in the back, or at the base of the shoulder (where materials are sewn together), reducing the fabric in this area by sleeping without your bra will assist in minimizing itch. Just be sure to regularly wash your sheets and keep them clean.

14. General Improvement in Women s Health:
Improved sleep has dramatic effects on all areas of health, supporting weight loss, appetite management and more. Sleeping without underwear helps you regulate your body temperature and increases your sleep quality, showing improvements throughout your life in the morning.

15. Increases confidence:
Sleeping without underwear increases your comfort with your body shape and type. The more comfortable you are, the better you sleep and the more confidence you will have in many activities of daily living. All this enhances your self-confidence and will have a positive impact on your life. Sleeping without underwear helps improve body image and comfort.

These are just some items that highlight the importance of sleeping without underwear (panties or bras) and without pajamas. Try sleeping without underwear tonight and see how your sleep improves. You should feel more energized and confident tomorrow!

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